Awakened Awareness...


Ezra 8:23 So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and he answered our prayer.

This is what I want to proclaim over all of you who have joined me today! I believe that even before we knew we would be here together on this journey, God had and has a plan to show Himself mighty to each of us. I can't wait to hear how He works in you and in your situations today and in the days to come. 

Have a blessed time in Church. 

Love you, 


I want to encourage you today to be inconvenienced for the sake of others. 

I have been sitting and reading story after story of people desperate for hope. It dawned on me today that although I feel hopeless to help, I can do something. On Sunday the 28th I am committing to fast for 24 hours (starting when I wake up) through Monday morning. I would love it if you would join me. I know I know...it's so inconvenient...but when you start to read the stories from the links below...you will see why. 

Please take some time to post sites you know of, or tell me in the comment section about someone you know that needs prayer and why. THEN, if you have committed and feel lead to join me on Sunday, please let me know. 

I believe in fasting. I KNOW it works. PLEASE forward to everyone you know. Let's make this big! Let's spend 24 hours being inconvenienced for these people and approach the thrown of the Father and seek out a miracle from Him. 


Sandy said...

I will plan on fasting on Sunday. Thank you for the inspiration!

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Wow... there's so much hurt, so much sickness, so much despair, so much needed in this world. It could appear hopeless... IF NOT FOR God! Count me in for Sunday! I'll be fasting and praying with you. And I don't think it ironic that a little girl that I have been praying for (Mikayla) since she was in her mother's womb (she's soon to be 7) will be carried to church on Sunday by her father in order for the church to pray for healing over this child. Only God can make her well. Her story's too long at this moment to tell. But I am praying and believing for a miracle!!!! And can't wait to see the GOoDness of our God!

Plus, I've added another girl to pray for (Alyssa). She has battled a lot in her short little life.

Thanks, sweet Sara, for posting this here. I'll be meeting with you at the throne of Grace!

Anonymous said...

We will be fasting. Thank you

Sara said...

So amazed at the Power of God and how He works all things together! Thanks for joining me!

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

I haven't forgotten our scheduled day together tomorrow. I told my daughter about it (my oldest) and she quickly jumped on the band wagon and said that she wanted to fast and pray too! :)

the girl with lots of thoughts said...

This is "Skin Bag's" daughter :)

Ya'll can count me there too. I will praying and fasting with ya'll. Trusting in God to do great things! After all, He is a God of Wonder.

Marla Taviano said...

Fasting with you tomorrow, friend.