It's lellow

I had a disagreement with Biscuits this morning. We were having a fine morning until he got frustrated with me, and it was all downhill from there. 

Breakfast had been served in it's usual homespun fashion, yes...yes as a matter of fact that does mean dry cereal and a banana. So after I had slaved in the kitchen for those 3 minutes getting his and surrogate daughter's daughter (we need to name her something) their bountiful meal, I moved on to work things. I was busy sorting through email when the boy came around the corner with an apple jack (a green apple jack...just one) and in a very determined voice, all while shaking the green apple jack in my face said: It's LELLOW! 

Me: No, it's green
Biscuits: NO Ma-ammy - it's lellow.
Me: Um...no...it's green

(yes I know I'm arguing with a 2 year old, but how else will he learn? Come-on people! Give me some support)

Me: Biscuits, listen to me, you can say it's lellow all day, but just because you say it's lellow...isn't gonna make it lellow. Got it?

He stared into my eyes, blinked a few times, and processed. I could tell I had reached him. He knew I was right. I was certain we finally made headway. As he turned to walk away, I heard it, a little whisper, an arrogant, hard headed, resolved whisper: 'It's lellow'.

All I can say is I sat there thinking...someday that resolve will come in handy. When Biscuits meets reality and Hebrews 11:1 is put to the test. I hope he stands firm and proclaims to the earth: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see...and people it's lellow!




My goodness has it been that long? JUNE???

I say this with the assumption that there are still people out there stopping by to see if I ever even update this thing anymore. On the off chance...some of you are still wandering over here...I will update you on the happenings of our world.

This has been a rough year (physically speaking) for me. I have been in bed more than I care to admit. My back has been slightly more than bothersome and has brought about some new challenges with my hips. I feel old. I'm not THAT old...but I feel old. While I've been battling different drugs to help with nerve pain, managing pain, weight gain from injections...there is also the balance of the children, the surrogate children living with us, the job, school for the girl child, the husband, the world falling apart in other people's lives, the ministry, the studies...can I just say God is good in all of it? In all the struggle I have found that it really is beneficial to fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith. (Heb 12:2) What a joy to have endurance in the midst of struggle.  I've learned this lesson well over the years...especially after carrying Isaac...but I often forget this lesson in the midst of not so threatening struggles...that even in the smallest...God is ever willing to give us more than the necessary measure of 'get up and go'! The words 'God is love' are so packed with meaning these days. He is good...even when...and even if... (remember that? no? okay...read it here).

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak to some sweet women. I say it's an opportunity, but I have to tell you speaking is so uncomfortable for me. However, when God directs, I have learned to say yes and be obedient ... MOST of the time. What I loved about my experience yesterday was this...He didn't bring it till the 11th hour. Every time I have sat down to try and write this talk out, I've not succeeded. Friday was all about putting out fires. With every fire came peace. It was like God would just say: "you go get that, I've got the talk handled" and I'd object and tell Him that at some point in time it would be nice to have the talk too. So Friday night after the first part of the conference I came home and started writing. And I wrote and wrote and wrote and by 1 am I had a lot of mumbo jumbo on the pages of my word doc and none of it...I mean NONE of it was flowing. So after staring at my laptop the Lord very quietly said: I told you have this handled, go to bed. So I reluctantly went to bed, woke up at 6 am and started writing. One our later it was like I had this complete out of body experience because He wrote it...at 10:45 I spoke it...and at 11:40 (5 minutes early) I was done and I knew He had started something new in some hearts. Now that is what I call cool. I am my worst critic so don't write me and ask me if it went well...because I don't know. But I KNOW God is good and His plans are His plans...as long as He continues to use me in that way...I just have to say YES LORD and hopefully some day I'll learn to trust that He has it under control and get out of the way.

Oh...back to what is going on here. So we have new house residents. Did I tell you that last time? My surrogate child has a child of her own and we all live in what I commonly refer to as chaos. Other people might not think it's chaos...but I do....and since I'm the mama...it is so. Got it? Ok.

Let's see. The bug is in 2nd grade and just turned 7 a few weeks ago (eeek). She is smart. When I say smart I mean...SAAMARRRT. It's not hard for me to admit she get's her smarts from her Uncles (yes my side of the family...notice I didn't say she get's it from me.) Biscuits is getting to be a big boy 2 year old. Often asks to go potty (yay for the potty), but we're not pushing that quite yet. He talks a lot. He really does like to boss me and the man. He even tried to put his daddy in time out for not letting him stay in the pool on Saturday...now that is funny. I have it under some pretty solid authority that I may be on the mend. I'll fill you on how that goes. Just know your prayers are working.

Okay...I'm out of here. Oh...about the project...yes...I am still planning on it. I was temporarily redirected by some not so good advice...and I took it against what I knew God was directing me to (that is a confession) and now He has redirected me back to it. I have to find an inexpensive way to build a website...and I'm not interested in building it myself...so as soon as I figure that out we'll be moving from blogspot to a new home. I'll keep you posted.

I love you all. Thanks for stopping by. I promise not to take so long between posts this time.