Update on Shaun Hicks

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you an update on Shaun.  Most of you already know my mother’s friend Laura’s son was in a very serious accident on Tuesday.

I mistakenly told some of you he was a senior in High School, but he is actually a Freshman at the Jr. college in La Junta. Doesn’t make this any easier of course but I wanted to give you the right facts. Shaun had a very long surgery Tuesday night.  They have put his spinal column back together with 2 rods and 8 screws.  The dr. does not give much hope that he will walk again.  He does say that the spinal cord was not severed but very severely damaged.  Shaun's other injuries are a collapsed lung, a broken elbow and shoulder, his spleen was punctured, and some bumps and bruises.  

This family definitely has a very long road in front of them and I cannot imagine being 19 and faced with such hardship. Yesterday Shaun’s sister told me he is very much in pain and very uncomfortable. He has a neck brace on that they won’t let him take off till they know his neck has not been injured and this is causing him a ton of discomfort.

I did see the family last night and Laura is one of the most kind hearted people I've met. She just radiates Christ. I love that.

I'll be out of touch for the next few days ans we are headed to my parents for Easter weekend, back on Tuesday (yay!). 

Thank you all for checking back so often! I'm leaving you with a song that signifies what our walk should be as Christians. Love you all! Have a SPLENDID weekend. 



Urgent Prayer Request

One of my mom’s very good friends (Laura Hicks) son was just in a very bad car accident about 2 hours ago in La Junta.  They are flying him to St. Anothony’s here in Denver right now. Sean Hicks is 19 and they don’t really know what happened. They believe he overcorrected on a turn and flipped his car. He has no feeling from the waist down but was semi alert. 

Please pray for this family. 


non essential essentials...

I really have NOTHING to write about, but since I've committed to writing each day...here we go. 

I was thinking today about the things in my life that are non essential essentials for me. Confused? Don't be... You know ever since we decided to downsize, put our house on the market, tear into all the things we've been holding on to for so many years...I've really gotten good at throwing stuff in the garage sale pile. I keep thinking at any moment I'm going to have a nervous breakdown...mainly because I see something that floods me with: 'O! I remember this...' and I ask myself...do I really need to carry this with me to a smaller home? The answer is usually NO and I put it in the pile...but before I can cry over it I walk away abruptly and pick something else up and move on....I'm so totally suppressing every emotion that wants to crawl out of me...THAT is why I might end up in the nutty ward one of these days. Lord help me...and I mean that in all sincerity.

There are some things that are so non essential in my life...but essential all the same. So here is my list...(in case you were wondering)...you're on the edge of your seat aren't you? Okay...here we go (real quick...you will probably think less of me after this...just a warning) now really...on to the list:

  • I am a shampoo and conditioner snob - I could probably find something reasonably cheap that doesn't make me want to itch my head off...but why when they make products like Pureology?
  • I like good jeans - Walmarts (yes I know how I spelled it) sells jeans...I've seen them there...it's like the peek out at me from around every corner reminding me they are relatively cheap...but I really like a good pair of jeans...and yes...I am a sucker for The Buckle.
  • Sheets...now...they SAY that there really isn't anything valid about a thread count above 400...I heard a lady on The Today Show say once that it doesn't exist..."um...excuse me...me thinks you are lost". Now...this is a total non essential essential I do not have...I did...but I don't anymore. Why you ask? Why Sara must you not buy the fancy sheets? Well...because my husband has a tendency to put his toenails through them...thus...no fancy sheets for us till ... well... i guess never.
  • I have a Dyson - it is essential in that everyone has to vacuum, it is also essential in that I went through a vacuum every year for 5 years before my husband would let me get one...it is not essential though really if you think about it...I could just stop vacuuming so much...maybe altogether. Who needs clean floors anyway?
  • i like butter
  • I can justify buying good cheese better than anyone you've ever met
  • Oil of Olay makes me cringe...but Clinique makes me happy!
  • I could drink water...but why when there is Diet Dr. Pepper?
I could keep going....but I'll stop there for now and interject this. When and if my man and I go to some other country I realize I'm going to have to give up a lot! The one thing I know for sure...the One Essential in my life makes the non essential so much more non...I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the LORD sustains me. Psalm 3:5. 

I can give up a lot...I can by His strength. I know what I chose to hold on to and what I chose to let go of...and I know more than anything when He calls me to let go of something...I will do it. Ultimately He is the One Essential I need. Everything else is just icing on the cake...and I'm blessed.