non essential essentials...part II

It's been a long time since of posted about my non essential essentials...so I thought...oh why not...I'm at work with a ton of stuff to do...so let's procrastinate a little more. 

My list has changed since we first posted THIS post. Let's just get the obvious out of the way and I'll tell you right now that although I still believe in the 'who needs water when there's diet dp' I'm at this stage in life where I'm drinking more water. What stage is that you ask? Its a stage where all of a sudden you realize the reason you feel like shriveling up and dying is because you haven't had water in oh...about 2 weeks. AND it's the stage that requires you to accept you're getting older and this is where my things make my non essential essential list. So here we go:

1. As you get old'ER' you'll realize those lashes are looking thin. It's just a bummer. But recently I've found a product that seems to be working. Take a look at Cargo LashActivator. I think it's worth the money...blink blink.
2. I don't need an iPhone...but I have an iPhone...and I like my iPhone. Now it's making me think I need an iPad...OH STOP IT...you know you want one too...
3. I like coffee...and tea...and if I could hook an iv up to my arm and have Diet Dr. Pepper with me all the time I would...that being said...take a look at this...and I'm just saying...it works. (SMILE)
4. I still have a solid back up of cleaning gloves...which I like to refer to as 'All occasion gloves'...Do I need to wear them to put clean dishes away? Well...no...but might as well wear them while I'm in the kitchen...I mean...I MIGHT need to touch something dirty

I think that little tid bit is enough for today...I don't want to completely scare you off. I still have plenty of little ocd things we could talk about all day...but why ruin this nice day.  That will be a post that reads something like this: Did you know the dirtiest place you put your hands is....

Yep...I'll end it on that note. Miss me...


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