What do I know about anything?

I'm not an expert on anything. I realized that today...yep...just now. I was just as shocked as you are.  I didn't walk away from college as an expert...I didn't finish giving birth to 3 babies and walk away a better mother...watched a movie the other night and I'm pretty sure it made me dumber...

I think it kinda bothers me that I'm not an expert. I do lots of stuff...just enough to mess it up...but I'm not an expert. I use this as a crutch in my arguments with God a LOT. I tend to wince when He calls me to do something and then I shrug my shoulders and in the most whiny voice I can muster I say: But I don't know how to do that..  or  Are you SURE you want me to do THAT? And then when He says 'Yes' I (in my disbelief that my childish attitude didn't win Him over to my side) shrug my shoulders and say 'Well okay, but don't say I didn't tell you so'. 

This is when God likes to remind me that even in my "really ... you want me to do that..." and my "this is so inconvenient and I really don't appreciate it" attitude that it's not about me and that He will prove it by using my weakest areas of self to show off His strength. This is also when He likes to remind me that I asked to inconvenienced for His sake....and that He is. I'm inconvenienced...just thought you should know. 

Are you?

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