Hold on to your hat sisters..

This post is going to knock it out of the playing field...and in case you were wondering...yes I REALLY make myself laugh. Okay..I know two posts in one day is REEEEAAALLY extravagant for me, but I've been dying to post this so you guys could join in. 

So I have to tell you that I was reading an email from a new friend, who ROCKS I might add...and she mentioned she is clumsy! Which made me laugh because I have done some wild clumsy things in my life, one of which I will save for further revelation momentarily.  Anyway, it got me to thinking about how we share our stories of clumsiness and how we get a good laugh out of each other...THEN in some weird train of thought that my brain is equipped and wired for...I started thinking about the game CLUE. Don't ask...just follow me there. So here's how this interactive post is going to go:

State the worst injury you ever gave to yourself using a character from the game of CLUE, the room you were in, the weapon and a small description. I would LOVE for you to pass this on to your friends so we can get as many responses as possible! I think it will be a blast. So I'll start:

Miss Scarlett, in the bathroom with the cabinet door. I  gave myself a 3rd degree concussion and whip lash one morning after a shower. I flung my head up after running my fingers through my hair and gracefully...in a very harsh completely ungentle way, whacked my head on the cabinet door and knocked myself out....there you have it...now the world knows. 

You're next! Here are the Characters from the board game in case you need a refresher:

Miss Scarlet
Colonel Mustard
Mrs. White
Reverend Green
Mrs Peacock
Professor Plum


Anonymous said...

Reverend Green in the Lounge:

I was helping a friend; much as reverend would; move out of his 3rd floor apartment. 3 of us were carrying his very old hide-a-bed couch...the very heavy, clumsy kind. I was supposed to hold it closed when they came out of the door before I could get my hands on it; popped open and the metal bar on the end gouged my chin...did I say it was summer and I was wearing shorts? And did I say gouged? It was a couple of minutes before I could speak and because I was helping 2 big guys did not feel like I could be the big baby I wanted to be and CRYYYYY!!!
I put myself in the conservatory as that is where you might lounge on a big, nasty, hide-a-bed...they should have burned it!

It's me...J

Anonymous said...

I think I meant to say shin...but it came out chin...would be oposite ends of my body...:)

Brandi said...

HA! I love it!!!
OK, I have sooo many, but here is one....
Miss Peacock in the Cafeteria with the lunch tray....
My Senior year in high school, I was carrying my very full lunch tray to the table when my foot just slipped out from under me..and I wasn't even wearing heels at the time...and my lunch tray went flying out of my hands, and I landed flat on my butt..! I swear there is an unseen force that just likes to knock me over!

Brandi said...

OK, I have to do another one because this is one my husband thinks I am famous for.....
Miss White, in the restaurant with a salsa bowl....
I have a half sister (I've only met twice) and she was married to a semi-famous country music artist. One of the two times I met her, we went to a really fancy mexican restaurant. We were munching on the salsa and chips when Terry McBride, from the old Country group McBride and the Ride came over to chat and I chose that exact moment to spill the entire bowl of salsa in my lap. Terry didn't see it because he wasn't paying any attention to me, so I just let it sit there until he left, then cleaned it up! I absolutely was NOT going to embarass myself further by cleaning it up with him there!!

And now you know :)

Sara said...

BRANDI!!! Those are hilarious. Anonymous J...I never knew that about you...that is NICE...and to think your ONLY job was to keep it closed...hmmm...I think this is prophetic :o)

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

Miss Peacock. Outside. With company. Riding horses to impress.

I was 6. On my pony. Our stallion HATED the ponies, thus we had to keep them pastured in different fields. We (my cousins and I) had taunted our stallion for years by backing our ponies up to Poco's fence and when Poco came flying over in his fury, we'd take off running as fast as we could to get out of fury's reach. On this particular day, (Did I say we had company? Did I admit I was a show-off?) I decided to short-cut our adventure from the back pasture to the front by going through Poco's pasture. He was on the opposite side of the pond. I was fast on my pony! (I thought!) I was sure I could make it.

I didn't.

Have you ever seen a Stallion run? Have you ever seen his muscles bulge? Have you ever seen the fury of his face with his ears pushed back to magnify that look? I'd barely gotten around the pond when Poco caught up with us. He stretched his neck as both species were running to bite the hinny of the tiny horse I was riding. He missed Buck's hinny and bit into MINE. Literally snatching me up holding me in his teeth. I am probably the only person I know that literally hung in the mouth a stallion while he ran!!!

Did I mention that I watched him kill a colt like that once? He grabbed the side of the colt's neck and shook him to death!

Me? He spared me the shake, and finally let loose landing me in the middle of a pile of cow manure.

I still have the scar to prove it. :)

Sara said...

Oh my gosh Sharon! I would have died of fright! What a mean 'ol horse!