Just thought I'd let you know...

EVIDENTALLY...I'm uncooperative. YEP...you heard it first here! I mean...I'm just as shocked as you are. I always thought I had a pretty good attitude and was pretty um...what's a good word...how about fluid? Yep...pretty fluid in my ability to adapt to my situation and circumstances. 

*Disclaimer - We should stop right here before I go any further and I should tell you this is a totally selfish rant and there really isn't anything inspirational about it. That being said, I can hear my mom saying 'If you don't have anything nice to say...', but she's not really here and that was all in my head, so read on sister!

So this morning I went to a networking meeting that I attend every Thursday. The meeting starts at 7:30 and it seems that it always snows Wednesday night...which makes for a really fun morning. I had a great drive though, I raised the roof of my car in praise and I stopped at Starbucks (of course) for a Venti Refresh Tea, and headed to my meeting. Got there early because a friend of mine who is also in the meeting and the person that I started the group with, was meeting me there early so we could talk about the direction of the group. She wasn't there yet, so I settled into a comfy chair and contemplated the economy and the effects it will have on the lending industry over the next year (will I survive...I say whilst biting my nails and tapping my foot nervously on the floor)...(yes...I will). Anyway, this group is being formed under a networking organization...kinda’ like how a chamber of commerce has leads groups...this organization teaches and forms groups for networking. It has a great business model and a ton of resources, so we thought it would be a good fit for us. One of the people that is in place to help us was going to show up this morning, I had never met her, but was looking forward to the insight she would have.

To make a really long story short, we were the only people there at 7:20 and were discussing the applications people had submitted and getting them to her. I mentioned that my weeks were really crazy and I usually schedule appointments further out, but that next Thursday morning at the meeting I could get her everything she needed since I didn't have it all together. She said she wouldn't be there, I said ok, well my next available appointment would be on Wednesday the 10th and this is the conversation that ensued:

(VERY BIG SIGH FROM SAID MEANY WOMAN) "What do you mean you can't meet me before then?"
Me: "Well, as I mentioned" (in the sweetest non condescending way possible) "I won't really have everyone’s applications till next Thursday"
Meany: "Then" (sigh) "What about Friday?"
Me: "I won't be in the office that day and have my day booked"
Meany: "Well the 10th is 2 weeks away"
Me: "I know and unfortunately, my calendar is pretty crazy right now, but I'm happy to try to meet you when I can and it looks like the first day I can meet you is the 10th"
Meany: EVEN BIGGER SIGH - "I think this is ridiculous"
Me: "Come again?"
Meany: "I think you are very uncooperative"

And there you have it people! Shocking, but true. What I really wanted to say, but I didn't because my 'Be Nice' radar was blaring in my head so loud I couldn’t think, was:

Listen lady, I'm a full time mom, full time wife, full time mortgage broker, I'm on the board of a nonprofit and I lead a woman's Bible study. If you want to know if I'm uncooperative or not, talk to some of those people and then come and talk to me. In the meantime SINCE you don't know me from Adam, I am HAPPY to meet you on Wednesday the 10th. Now what time would work for you?

WHEH! I hit the exclamation key really hard when I just typed that...just so you know.

And that is all I have to say about that. I have a little gremlin pulling at my arm making monkey noises and saying words that sound oddly like 'Mommy you are the best most cooperative mommy I could ever want'...if only I had a translator that could speak 18 month old.

Love ya'll,


*Erica* said...

LOL, funny! Feel better?? This is what is so good about a blog...we can vent when we need to. So you go, sister, hit that exclamation key a couple more times! Then take your cooperative self back to Starbucks and treat yourself for not saying exactly what you were thinking;-) You're awesome.

A Skin Bag for Jesus! said...

First, I love Erica's comment! Man, I love people!

And second, I taught a lesson on Wednesday night one time called "What do you do in the meantime?" As in, what do you do in the MEAN-time? As in, in the time when people are MEAN!!!

That lesson was hugely fun, and elementary, and stuck huge with me. I even bought my ladies those candy watches that kids wear and can eat. And I told them next time you need to be nice during your "mean-time"... to wear your candy watches to remind you that you're to be SWEET! (Candy... sweet, get it?)

The funnest part about it?

The OLDEST most precious lady in the class (picture REALLY OLD!) came back the following week telling me that she placed her candy bracelet on her nightstand and that she had to put that thing on and wear it multiple times through the week to remind her to be nice when she wasn't in the mood to!!!

PRICELESS! Don't you know God laughed!

Love you and your heart new friend!

Brandi said...

CRACKIN UP!!!! Don't you just love working with the public!! Sometimes some of the most ridiculous things get said!!! I'm with ya, I'd totally love to slug some people sometimes....it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut! I've always said I'm going to wait til my 2 weeks are given, then tell everyone exactly what I think of them!! Of course, then I am immediately hit with what God must feel when I am stupid and I am sufficiently humbled (til the next time)!!
Glad to know your a Starbucks fan...I can NOT live without mine :)

Marla Taviano said...

I know we don't know each other all that well but I was JUST thinking how cooperative you are. ;)