I have recently determined my dog is a cat. I’ve had some suspicion with the way she bats things around when they fall to the floor, or how she stretches herself out and pulls herself – body completely flattened – towards me. She even does that arched back thing when she stretches. She cracks me up. However, yesterday…was not laughing let me tell you! We came home from church to find a lump of ick on the kitchen floor. After closer examination I determined the lump of ick was a dead mouse. ON MY KITCHEN FLOOR! Now those of you who know me and my idiosyncrasies should know I am a freak about icky stuff! I am ALWAYS checking for ick including mouse stuff in my kitchen and have never seen anything of the mousy sort! So I’ve decided Tessa brought that poor little helpless pile of ick into my house on purpose! We know it wasn’t Tucker because he’s old and way too slow to catch a mouse!

Follow my thoughts here for a second. All this got me thinking about how often we become something we are not. Have you ever had a friend with mannerisms that you start to pick up? They are not you. You’ve never before in your life acted that way, but something starts to rub off on you. Sometimes we go out of town and finally get to relax and be who we really are because we’ve been holding on to the personality we think others want to see. Have you ever been there? I know I have. I have bent over backwards to please friends or new acquaintances by being someone I am not. I have said yes to things Lord only knows I should have said no to. I have laughed at jokes I should have ignored. I have compromised who God says I am. I have become a slave to my social and work surroundings to be who people think I am…sound familiar? Don’t mistake what I’m saying. In 1 Corinthians 9:20-23 Paul offers us a glimpse of how he has become like those under the law, like those with no law, and like the weak all for the sake of the gospel! Paul adapted himself to the culture when it did NOT violate his devotion to Christ. He says in verse 19, “Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.” He did not become something he wasn’t; he divested himself of social and religious rights to win souls to Christ. We are free in Christ to be who we truly are! We need to live with purpose because God has purposed us! Do you see what I’m saying? We are the salt of the earth (Matt 5:13), the light of the world (Matt 5:14), set apart (Gal 1:15), called (Jude 1:1), approved (1 The 2:4), and appointed (John 15:16). We don’t need the approval of man because God has already approved us.

Recently an account rep for one of our investors and I were discussing some issues with a file and she paid me the highest compliment. I mentioned I would just have to pray about what we were facing and she said she new there was something different about me from the fist day she met me and I was someone she would like to get to know better. What a true blessing! I was set apart! Glory to God THAT is what I want!!! Let me encourage you to break away from the slavery of the world. I promise you when you are different, the world will notice it. There is nothing to notice about someone who does exactly what everyone else does. Yes persecution comes with that, but so does blessing. Or let me say the blessing is greater than the persecution! Let’s live with the purpose He purposed us with! Amen?

Now I’m done ranting but I want you to rest easy because I’ve had a very long talk with Tessa and broke the news to her that she really is a dog. I’m not sure how much attention she paid to the conversation as she was rolling over on her back looking for some praise and gratitude in the form of a belly rub. I’m not sure how many more piles of ick will be followed up by the talk but at least the talk did happen!

I am Your design
By grace, redeemed, refined
Purposed for your plan
Carried in Your hands

Anchor my soul in living water
Hold me steadfast in the storm
As the waves crash all around me
Only to You will I conform

My joy You make complete
The taste of grace so sweet
Praise you Father, Ancient One,
My chains you have undone

You’ve clothed my heart in joy
Gave me a life that’s been restored
A slave no more to sin
My soul You dwell therein

Glorious Father, the great I am
Adopted into Your plan
Gracious Redeemer, Counselor, Friend
My heart You do attend.

I am Your design
By grace, redeemed, refined
Purposed for Your plan
Carried in Your hands

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