Statistically Speaking...

· Statistically speaking, we had a 50% chance of our marriage surviving
· Statistically speaking, we added a 50% chance of failure because I was over the age of 25 when we married
· Statistically speaking, we had an 80% chance of failure when we lost Isaac
· Statistically speaking, we had a 90% chance of divorce when we separated
· Statistically speaking, our chance of staying together only improved by 10% when my hubby came home
· Statistically speaking....we were up the creek without a paddle...

I can keep going. I can add in more and more and more statistics based on my human nature, the way I handle things, the way I communicate...all these crazy statistics which can lead to a marital demise.

I want to shout this from the top of a mountain...but I can't climb one right now because I'm home alone with the kids and they are sick and my back hurts...so this platform should work...

Are you ready?

Here it is:

When God is involved...Statistics don't mean jack...

Have a nice day.

PS: We live in a self absorbed nation that shoves freedom of rights and personal prerogative down our throats. If you are being sucked into this belief system then I want to say this to you: Stop it! Just stop it right now! Sometimes...it is NOT ABOUT YOU...I just felt my head get really big, like in that scene from The Incredibles, when Mr. Incredible comes home in the middle of the night and Helen gets mad...are you with me?...[insert cricket noises here] *tap tap* is this thing on? Hello-o?

Anyway...here is what I want to say. We all have a choice. We all have freedom. We can all go out and do whatever we want...WHATEVER...right or wrong...you can do it. What we're too quick to do is believe that right is all about 'ME'. We stop believing God to deliver something big, we throw our backpack of statistics on and get behind the numbers and point at them screaming...'See...SEE...I have the right! The statistics prove I'm right and this is OK!' ... Um...no. You may have the right, you may have the freedom...but that doesn't mean it's OK. What is that scripture...Everything is permissible for me...but not everything beneficial. Everything is permissible for me...but I will not be mastered by anything. (I know where it is, but for homework you can go look it up...I'll give you the first clue...it's somewhere in the Bible)

Don't be mastered by selfishness. Beat the statistic. Don't even listen to the statistic. Be the exception to the rule. Isn't that what we're called to anyway? To be set apart? That is it...oh and one more thing: If God is for me, who can be against me? (That is in the Bible too). Statistics are and always will be proved wrong when God is involved. He has his own statistics...and they always make you a success.

PSS: I hate statistics...

PSSS: Statistically speaking, I'm betting on the 10% chance of our success...which over the years has probably dwindled down to like an eighth of a chance for survival by now...but I'm betting on it. I love my husband. I'm grateful he loves me. I'm elated we are hard at work on our marriage. I'm tickled pink he's coming home tonight from GA. I'm so blessed he's a man of God. And believe it or not I love laughing when he starts his Moto Moto impersonation and tells me I’m huge…LOVE IT… and one more thing: I'm believing God. Amen

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twinkle said...

I came here to read your Siesta recap (which I did and loved), but this post made me cry. Why? I am separated from my husband (his choice) and I am trying very hard to not lose hope for us. Your post was a message for me and I thank you. God is in control of my life and I have kept the faith. But, girl, it is so hard. Abide. God told me to. So that is the lamplight He is shining on my path right now. I can't see two INCHES in front of me, but I am standing, abiding, and believing God.
Your blog is so funny but this one post had me bawling.
Hugging you. by fai+h