There are just some days where I just can't dang do it! I open up my laptop, log on to my favorite blogs and from there I start my 'Blog Jog' as I like to call it where I go from blog to blog seeing pictures and reading stories about other people.

Today...I kept landing on pages where babies...SWEET and precious babies are sick, or premie in the hospital...words of pain and anguish...scriptures...updates...ugh...and then I think...there are just some days when I can't dang do this...

Biscuits has his first fever so he slept next to me all night...hot and uncomfortable...and then he woke up at 5am to nurse and he looked at me through sickly little eyes and what did he do? SMILED...man I love this boy.

I don't have a scripture for myself this morning...all I know to say to myself is God is who He says He is, God can do what He says He can do, I am who God says I am, I can do all things through Christ, and God's word is alive and active in me.

So on days when Isaac is big on the brain, heavier on the heart...I don't want to rush to hold Asher to take that feeling away...Asher is Asher...I still miss my Isaac.

Headed to the doc with the boy. Love you all...all three of you that follow my blog :)



*Erica* said...

Amen, Sister! And BELIEVE GOD that He cannot only change our hearts and minds, but He can CHANGE OUR DAY! Praise Him! You CAN do all things through Christ! You are in my prayers, Sara. Hope the dr. appt went well. xoxo

cindy said...

We lost our 16 year old son, Joshua, November 15, 2003. Granted he is older than Isaac but the pain is the same. Hopes and dreams for our child are all but gone.

No grieving is the alike. Joshua wasn't sick, we lost him in a car accident.

Pound the heavens with prayers.

*Erica* said...

I am doing great! Every day that gets further and further from chemo I feel stronger, especially knowing I don't have to back and do it again next week! Praise God!

I go next week to get set up for radiation on Tuesday, and then on Friday to have my heart echo and Herceptin. There is small chance w/ Herceptin that it can cause damage to the heart muscle, so they do heart echos every so often to make sure mine is ok. They got a baseline before I started it and it showed an ejection fraction of 50%, which is low-normal (they like it to be between 50-75%). Tell me how you can run 30 mpw and have a "weak" heart?! My dr was puzzled, too, but says that that is just probably my normal, always has been always will be. But now we have to watch it more closely. My last echo, taken after 3 treatments, showed it had actually improved slightly! Hallelujah!! So my prayer now is for that echo next week to continue to show growth or no change so I can continue to receive my cure!

Hope you're having a good day!