With a heavy heart I began searching this morning for a blog or a devotional where I could pour my self into the words and walk away feeling less discouraged. As my eyes searched, my heart began to whisper to me that sometimes finding the 'get up and go' or 'blessing of the day' was a lot like confiding my innermost secrets to the wrong person. Rarely do I read a great blog, filled with scripture and spiritual essence that I make room at the Masters feet to share with Him a conversation of what I read.

So this morning, over coffee, convicted and ever increasing my way towards depression I had a talk with Him and was delicately reminded that reading a book or finding blogs to fill my daily bread was about as good as going to church every Sunday and never doing anything with it.

He has to be first and foremost.

That being said...close the window...and find a place to meet Him. He has some things He wants to say.

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